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Real-time visibility and control of compliance

The ComplAi software solution allows all involved parties in compliance processes across value chains to co-operate in a secure environment, where all tiers can collect, structure, store, audit and distribute standards, documentation, evidence and audit results.

Software solution

Improve compliance management

With a deep knowledge of compliance processes, we have developed a software that leverages technology to radically improve compliance mangement. We have built a thin layer of convenience that seamlessly integrates with your systems and architecture.

Our solution is cloud based, but has the flexibility to be hosted anywhere. Furthermore we’re ready to connect to your or your sub-contractors’ APIs to automatically collect and share data and documentation. 

Automation that drives efficiency

Our software allows you to engage all stakeholders in your compliance process within a single, secure platform. You can make use of our smart structuring of evidence and requirements. Once your verify compliance you can reuse the results multiple times across stakeholders.

Our goal is for you to prove compliance once and reuse your proof many times. Our process support has you covered when you are collecting data from your supplier. We have had customers collect data from several thousands suppliers successfully on our software. If you are sharing data with your customers or other stakeholders we also have great process support. With ComplAi you can easily copy previous answers to respond to new customer request

Structured collection

Evidence management that reduces the risk of human error

Our compliance management software makes managing easier than ever before. Our platform supports efficient collection, structuring, and distribution of evidence. Whether you’re collecting documents from a few colleagues or a few thousand suppliers, ComplAi can help.

We offer a robust, transparent platform to collect and manage evidence from various sources. We leverage artificial intelligence for compliance to structure evidence in relation to specific requirements. Everything in a secure environment that can be made available to auditors and stakeholders.

Control at your fingertips with advanced compliance monitoring

Stay on top of your progress with our intuitive dashboards or connect to PowerBI to get a custom view. ComplAi lets you track process and status in real-time, ensuring transparency and accuracy. Monitor documentation collection, audit results, and verification events to make sure you meet your deadlines.

Through API integration with PowerBI you can present the data the way you like it. What’s more is that you’re just a click away from the data in ComplAi and can seamlessly move between compliance data representation and data collection.

Secure environment

Gold standard security that's ISO 27001 certified

Compliance documentation and verification events are sensitive and business-critical. We’re proud to offer a gold-standard security environment where role-based access ensures the right data is available to the right parties.

Our multi-tenant architecture offers isolated data stores, adding another layer of security to our robust platform. With ComplAi, you can share any data that’s relevant for your compliance process, knowing your data is secure.

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